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Jan. 2019 update:
Information about our new phone menu



Pharmacies: If you need to submit a prescription authorization request to one of our doctors please do so by fax only. Do not submit the same request more than once in a 24-hour period as it may cause your request to be delayed or disregarded.

If you’re an existing client and you have an emergency, call 509-545-9949. Outside of regular business hours this line is attended by our answering service; they will be able to alert the on-call doctor for you. Please be aware that small animal (cat, dog) emergencies are referred to Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Service between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

In very rare circumstances (certain telephone outages) our main phone number may not properly forward to our answering service after hours. If you call 509-545-9949 after hours and are unable to reach an operator, call 866-235-8769 instead. Again, only use this number if you are unable to reach anyone on our main line.

* We typically respond to emails within 1 business day, Monday through Friday. If you need a more immediate response, please call.

If you are interested in externship or job shadow opportunities, or if you want to apply for a job, visit this page.

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