Hiring, Externships, & Job Shadows


The Animal Hospital of Pasco often hosts externs from fully accredited colleges and universities. If you would like to be considered for an externship, please send your resume to Henry James. PDF format is preferred when possible. Externships usually require some kind of written agreement between the school and hospital. Your advisor or program head should be able guide you.

Job Shadows

If you’re a student between the ages of 15 and 21, you can apply to participate in a job shadow. Job shadows give students a chance to spend a day or two observing various hospital operations such as surgery, dental cleanings, catheterization, lab work, autoclaving, ultrasound, biopsies, necropsies, and so on. If you’d like to apply to participate in a job shadow, please complete and return the Job Shadow Waiver (97 KB PDF).


Generally, Animal Hospital of Pasco job openings are posted on WorkSource. Questions about employment should be emailed to Henry James. Applicants should submit a Job Application (167 KB PDF). Even if we are not currently hiring, you’re welcome to submit an application, resume, and/or cover letter (by email, mail, or personal delivery); we will keep these documents on file and contact you if a suitable position becomes available.

Tips for applying: (1) If submitting documents by email, try to use PDF format (scanned documents should be at least 400 dpi). (2) Make your resume as readable as possible. Check your spelling and grammar, avoid using tiny fonts, break up huge blocks of text into paragraphs, etc. (3) Don’t skip sections of the job application. If you feel an answer needs more context or explanation, put it in a cover letter.

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