2019 Phone Menu Update

On January 17, 2019 our office began using a new phone system to route calls more efficiently. Now, when pet owners call in during business hours they are greeted with a menu. This menu includes the following options:

  • Press 9 if there is a medical emergency.
  • Press 3 for hours & location.
  • Press 4 to order foods and medications. (This allows callers to leave a voicemail; these orders are normally filled within one business day. If you need medication urgently, please speak to reception instead.)
  • Press 5 if you’re calling from a university, reference lab, or consultation service.
  • Press 6 to leave a message for a doctor or technician.
  • Press 7 for Spanish language options.
  • Press 8 to be placed in the queue to speak to a receptionist.

Automated phone menus aren’t a perfect replacement for live human beings, but we expect this system to reduce wait times and make it easier for staff to provide better service for our patients. We appreciate your patience while we adjust to this new system. Please remember you can also contact us through the PetDesk app or by emailing support@pascovets.com.



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